What is Elderly Companion Care?

What Works Are Done In Elderly Companion Care

Elderly Companion Care: What is it and What Does it Include? As we age, it can become more difficult to manage the tasks of daily living on our own. Elderly companion care is a type of in-home care that helps seniors with these tasks and provides companionship to help them maintain their independence and stay […]

Companion Care, Home Health Aides in Fairfax – Vitality Home Healt

Companion Care, Home Health Aides in Fairfax - Vitality Home Health

Some elderly people gradually become less socially involved and less physically active as they age as a result of sickness, injury, or other factors of aging. As stated by the National Institute on Aging, the ensuing feelings of loneliness can result in greater physical and mental risks, such as hypertension, obesity, anxiety, depression, and cognitive […]

What Do You Mean By Companion Care?

What Do You Mean By Companion Care? - Vitality Home Health

Loneliness is far too common for the elderly, affecting their mental and physical health. Many older adults who reside independently in their own homes may eventually have difficulty managing everyday household tasks. Nonetheless, the way to address the challenges and changes that come with aging is companion care, which allows them to remain at home […]

What is The Difference Between Personal Care and Companion Care?

Personal Care and Companion Care - Vitality Home Health

The primary distinction between Personal Care and Companion Care is that a caregiver visiting a patient who requires Personal Care will be responsible for what is known in nursing terminology as (Independent Activities of Daily Living) and (Activities of Daily Living) (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living). To live independently without the support of another person, older individuals […]