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Specialized Service Definitions & Provider Roles

Specialized Service Providers

Outside of the typical settings for medical care, such as health facilities, rehabilitation centers, or long-term care environments, some health care and support systems may be offered to patients. Individuals who choose to receive care in the comfort of their homes and in the company of their loved ones can continue to have their basic needs met while still receiving medical attention and assistance they require. 

Patients receiving home health care have access to a team of medical professionals who work collaboratively to assist patients and their families in meeting their requirements.

All about Home Care

In-home care services can be of aid to an individual who is elderly and requires help to live independently, who are coping with chronic health difficulties; who is recuperating from a medical setback; who has special needs or a handicap, or who is all of the above. Depending on a person’s requirements, professional caretakers such as nurses, aides, and counselors can provide either short-term or long-term care in the comfort of their own homes.

The care you require in the environment you cherish

Home care can be essential in obtaining the maximum possible quality of life for the patient. It can provide safety, security, and enhanced independence; it can ease the monitoring of an ongoing health condition; it can help prevent unnecessary hospitalization; it can assist with rehabilitation after an illness or hospital stay—all through care that is given in the comfort and familiarity of home. 

The provision of personal care and companionship does not require a prescription from a medical practitioner. Care that is delivered on an ongoing basis, on a schedule that is tailored to the requirements of a client, up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the option of live-in care, are also available these days.

Specialized Services 

Those seniors who want to age gracefully in their own homes can know that they’ll be cared for in a cozy, calming, and supportive environment.

Senior citizens receive the required attention to improve their quality of life to the fullest extent possible with the assistance of experienced caregivers of specialist home care services.

Companion Care services offer clients individualized care that is specifically designed to assist patients in accomplishing their goals and overcoming challenges. Employees usually receive the appropriate training to meet the requirements, as well as the preferences, of the clients. They personalize each service according to the requirements of the clients so that they can fulfill their expectations.

Different Types of Specialized Services

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

When it comes to providing care for those who have Alzheimer’s disease, there is no universally applicable method. The disease progresses through stages, and each stage brings its own set of distinct challenges and requirements. It is possible to face challenges when choosing assistance, which is why it is recommended to seek out specialized care.

Intravenous services

Receiving intravenous (IV) treatments out of a hospital or clinic can be done in a way that is both secure and convenient, thanks to at-home IV therapy. In the past, people only had one choice for receiving IV treatments, which required them to travel to a hospital. This forced them to waste time and energy as well as experience physical pain. Patients who had difficulty moving around also found it to be a difficult and tiresome experience. On the other hand, recent advances in medicine have made it feasible for a growing number of patients undergoing IV therapy to receive treatment from a highly competent nurse in the comfort of their own homes.

Mental Health Services

Depending on your physician’s requirements and instructions, you may have psychiatric and mental health services in addition to other home health care services, including speech therapy and social work services.

Psychiatric nurses are expected to undergo additional training above the normal requirements for becoming registered nurses. Psychiatric home care nurses fill a variety of roles on your medical team, including those of educator, advocate, and consultant. These mental health nurses are not only skilled at doing assessments, but they are also patient and experienced.

A psychiatric nurse will develop an individualized treatment plan with you, your caregiver, and your primary care physician. They will learn about your requirements and difficulties and then locate opportunities that can assist you in maintaining a secure environment in your home.

Ventilator care

When caring for a patient receiving mechanical ventilation, it is necessary to operate as a team, have an awareness of the care goals, and make interventions depending on the patient’s needs and how they respond to therapy. Because mechanical ventilation is increasingly a prevalent treatment, nurses or home care companions who provide care for patients who use ventilators must be trained and have confidence in their abilities.

Wound Care

The level of care that is required for each wound is unique; while some can be handled at home, others may demand the attention of medical professionals or other skilled persons. There are numerous other ways that can be taken to treat the condition, such as debriding, loosening stitches, taking pain medicine to manage the discomfort, changing bandages, and more.

Depending on the type of wound, treatment is required to prevent infections from occurring due to inappropriate care and neglect of the needed procedures to ensure that the area is cleaned and bandaged properly. Both younger and older people are susceptible to suffering injuries; nevertheless, the elderly are in a more precarious position than their younger counterparts.

Surgical procedures such as heart transplants and hip replacements are more common in elderly patients, but this does not preclude younger patients from undergoing them in cases such as these or in other circumstances where they may be necessary. There is a requirement for either full-time or part-time care.

At Vitality Home Health, we provide clients with individualized care and specialized services to assist them in achieving their goals and overcoming roadblocks along the way. 

We personalize each service according to the requirements of our clients so that we can fulfill their expectations.

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