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What are the requirements for becoming a pediatric nurse?

Pediatric Nurses Child Healthcare

When it comes to taking care of a child, parents are not the only ones in charge— assisting them are pediatric nurses. Pediatric nurses are a type of nurse that specializes in having knowledge and skills fit to help children from infantry to childhood and up until they become adolescents. They also play a vital role in educating parents by providing them with critical information to help raise kids as healthy individuals.

If you are interested in becoming a pediatric nurse, there are six vital essential steps or requirements you need to accomplish. These are:

  1. Understand the role of a pediatric nurse in child healthcare.
  2. Earn a degree in nursing.
  3. Pass the NCLEX-RN exam.
  4. Become an RN or a registered nurse.
  5. Gain experience by working in a pediatric facility.
  6. Earn the certification to be a pediatric nurse (CPN exam).

To give you more background about these steps, we have broken down each below.

Understand the role of a pediatric nurse in child healthcare.

If you want to be in pediatric nursing, you must have the ability to connect with kids in a way that comforts them and their parents. If you naturally like children, it would be an asset as it can help you become a nurturing figure for them. This career is meaningful and gratifying as you become a part of a child’s wellbeing and development.

There are different types of nurses for various specializations, but their jobs are generally the same. For example, if you are already a pediatric nurse tasked with inserting IV lines, you have to be creative with your approach to inserting these IV lines so that children would not be afraid. In addition to that, you will also deal with parents in educating them about their children’s needs, such as nutrition, exercise, immunizations, and healthy development.

Pediatric Nurses Child Healthcare vitality home health

Pediatric nurses can also work in different areas such as children’s hospitals, medical centers, outpatient care facilities, community hospitals, and schools. You will never run out of facilities to work because pediatric nurses cover a lot of areas. 

Earn a degree in nursing.

Before being a pediatric nurse, you should first be an APRN or an RN (associate degree or bachelor’s degree). You can have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing for three years or less, depending on your transfer credits, education, and schooling level.

Pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

Every registered nurse (RN) in the United States should take and pass the National Council Licensing Examination, also known as the NCLEX-RN. It is an extensive exam that you can only take if you have completed accredited nursing programs. The exam will test your knowledge in these four areas of nursing:

  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Effective and safe care environment
  • Psychological integrity and coping mechanisms with the stresses of the nursing career
  • Physiological integrity and your skills in delivering proper nursing care to patients

Studying and passing the NCLEX-RN exam does not need to be overly stressful for you. As a matter of fact, just focus on your goals and ask for tips from RNs who have already taken the test and have been working in the industry.

Become an RN or a registered nurse.

Once you have passed the NCLEX-RN, make sure that you meet the requirements set by the board of nursing in your state so that you can practice your profession as a registered nurse. Once you have done this step, you can now look for jobs as a registered nurse. 

If you are aiming to be a pediatric nurse, it would be best if you choose a facility or a position wherein you can take care of younger patients or children. It may be challenging to find this dream position when you are still starting out, but it is better than nothing. Make sure you are constantly on the watch for opportunities and take them!

Gain clinical experience by working in a pediatric facility.

Becoming a pediatric nurse requires a certain number of hours in a specific facility. You should practice your nursing skills and gain experience in taking care of kids. The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) requires that you have 1800 hours working in a primary pediatric clinic or facility. This requirement will make you eligible for certification.

In addition, there are different skills, roles, and responsibilities that pediatric nurses should know about. These experiences include direct patient care and indirect patient care, such as administration, teaching, consultation, and clinical research.

Earn the certification to be a pediatric nurse (CPN exam).

The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) is in charge of administering certifications for nurses who want to specialize in providing healthcare for infants, children, and adolescents alike. They were established in 1975 and had the mission to strive for the best outcomes in terms of pediatric health by promoting quality, integrity, advocacy, innovation, and respect for pediatric nurses who are wholeheartedly passionate and committed to their specialty.

Some of the benefits of using Vitality Home Health’s transportation services:

The PNCB exam is made up of 175 multiple-choice questions that you should complete in a span of three hours. And once you have passed the certification exam, you will join more than 25,000 registered nurses who currently have their PNCB Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) title.

Are you ready to take on the journey of becoming a certified pediatric nurse?

Making a difference in someone’s life is not an easy thing to do— let alone making a difference in a child’s life. Becoming a pediatric nurse is not a quick and easy journey to take. It requires immense compassion, empathy, grit, and a level head to be able to handle sudden emergencies professionally and calmly.

In Vitality Home Health, we are proud to say that we have exceptional pediatric nurses who are well-versed and trained in handling children. We take pride in their expertise and passion for their jobs and use them as a tool to provide excellent healthcare. We believe that excellence, compassion, and commitment to the job are the key to providing the best healthcare service and the area. Thus, we ensure that our pediatric nurses embody these virtues. Visit us now and see for yourself.


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